Two NZ university research bodies are currently contracted for specific research:
1. The Middlemore Foundation for Health Innovation has contracted the Health Services Research Centre, School of Government, Victoria Business School, Victoria University, Wellington, to evaluate the integration of the Mana-ā-riki three strand Education, Health and Homes programme.

2. Through being part of Manaiakalani Outreach, the Woolf Fisher Research Centre of the University of Auckland is involved in research and design projects focused on the Education Strand:
    - Manaiakalani Outreach research funded by the Manaiakalani Education Trust to understand the scaling up the original Manaiakalani project to five further clusters;
    - Developing in Digital Worlds research funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to understand the development of 21st century schools in a digital environment; and
    - An evaluation project investigating the implementation of the Manaiakalani Outreach.

Victoria University Research Reports
Milestone Report for Stage One
Milestone Report for Stage Two

Milestone Report for Stage Three

Woolf Fisher Research Reports

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