The Papakura Kootuitui Trust was formally established in September of 2015 with its overall aim to support the wellbeing of children in Papakura and their ability to reach their potential through an integrated approach to health, homes and education.

The Trust structure immediately supported the work in the Education strand that had already begun in the cluster schools during 2015. By this time, the cluster schools had nearly completed their first year of the 3-year Manaiakalani Outreach programme which had given principals and boards of trustees time to engage in collaborative visioning and planning around the implementation of 1:1 digital devices in classrooms from 2016. The Trust provides the vehicle for the micro-financing model of device purchase over time by whānau as it takes on the financial liability for the loan repayments over a 3-year period. By the end of 2016, 680 devices had been bought by the Trust for purchase by parents of children in 1:1 digital immersion classes and a further 300 had been ordered for the beginning of 2017.

The Trust structure and Incorporation status provide a vehicle for the future sustainability of the programme as it is developed and implemented as these allow donations from funding organisations and corporate bodies.

Trust Deed

Certificate of Incorporation

The Trust is registered with the Financial Disputes Resolution Service.